Why Putting Off Plumbing Repairs Can Be Costly in the Future

Have you put off calling for plumbing repairs because you don’t have the budget to make repairs, or your schedule makes it impossible to be home for a plumber? Although your reasons might be reasonable, waiting to call for plumbing services could mean future trouble and bigger expenses. Some plumbing problems might seem like inconveniences than emergencies, but it’s in your best interest to find an affordable plumber in Marietta, GA, as soon as possible. Here are examples of plumbing problems that have costly and

Plumbing Problems Waste Water

That leaky faucet in your bathroom is more than an annoyance. With every drip, it’s wasting more water and adding dollars and cents to your water bill. Fixing water leaks is one of the easiest ways to lower your monthly expenses. Now that you know this, what are you waiting for? Call a cheap plumber to fix your leaky faucets today and stop watching your money go down the drain.

Plumbing Problems Turn into Expensive Mold Problems

Leaky fixtures and pipes aren’t just costing you more on your water bills. These problems have a direct effect on your household’s health. Any time there’s moisture in the home, the risk of mold and mildew rises. It doesn’t take a lot of moisture to cause mold to form in the home. Faulty wax toilet rings, slow-dripping pipes under kitchen sinks, and water heater condensation are examples of minor plumbing problems that contribute to mold growth in the home, which affects health and the structural integrity of one’s home.

Minor Plumbing Problems Always Get Bigger and More Expensive

Eventually, minor plumbing issues turn into gigantic problems for homeowners. Leaky pipes that once trickled and were contained by placing a bucket under the pipe will burst suddenly. A small bucket won’t be able to handle the water flow. A water heater that makes popping and rumbling noises when in use will eventually stop working altogether. Once the situation progresses, affordable plumbing repair options become harder to come by. Even the best plumbers can’t guarantee repair costs won’t skyrocket when problems get past a certain point.

Drainage Issues Leave Your House a Mess and Require Expensive Sewer Repair

A common problem many people deal with is clogged drains. Frequent drainage issues shouldn’t be ignored or treated using liquid drain cleaner. This only makes the problem worse. You have probably heard horror stories about people flushing the toilet, and suddenly, sewage water is spewing out from every drain in the house. Yeah, this isn’t a good sign. By this point, you probably have a huge clog deep in the sewer pipe, or, worse, the sewer pipe is broken beyond repair and needs replacement. When plunging doesn’t do the trick, and when you can’t snake the drain, do yourself a favor. Call for plumbing services to get to the root of the problem ASAP!
But There’s Good News
You don’t have to get caught off-guard by emergency plumbing problems. There are a couple of ways to stay ahead of serious issues. First, don’t ignore obvious problems. Many plumbers have special discounts and coupons available to make getting routine plumbing services more affordable.
Second, ask your local plumbing company about yearly preventive maintenance services. During these service calls, plumbers check water heaters, perform leak detection, routine drain cleaning, and video camera inspections for interior pipes and sewer pipes. If there is a glaring problem, the plumber fixes it right away.

Give yourself peace of mind and reach out to the best plumber in Marietta. Call Southern Phoenix Services at 770-455-2700 and get those nagging plumbing issues fixed today!

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