Why You Might Need a Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer lines are incredibly important to your home, but hopefully, you don’t have to give much thought to them. They’re designed to carry wastewater and matter out of your house and into your septic tank or the municipal sewer system. Unfortunately, if your sewer line stops working properly, you just won’t be able to safely utilize any of the drains in your home, nor some of your most vital appliances, such as your washing machine. Read on to learn why you may need to invest in a sewer line replacement in Marietta.

It's Too Old
It may be odd to think about, but your home’s sewer line doesn’t last forever. In fact, the average sewer line system may only last 50 years. However, this depends on environmental conditions, including the soil around the pipe, the material that makes up the sewer line, and other factors such as who installed your home’s sewer line in the first place.
In general, PVC pipes are among the longest-lasting. This is the preferred choice of most new sewer repair and installation teams because PVC is hardy, lightweight, easy to install, and doesn’t degrade underground. Clay pipes may have the shortest life span, only lasting up to 50 years, while cast-iron pipes can last up to 100 years! Are you unsure what type of pipes you have? You should call a plumber for a sewer line inspection and determine how long your pipes may last.
Plants may not have minds of their own, but sometimes they act as if they do. If you have large plants with thick, strong roots near your plumbing system, these plant roots may sense moisture and organic matter inside your sewer line, then direct their roots toward your pipes. If you’ve ever seen a weed break through a concrete slab, then you know just how strong plants can be. In fact, most plumbers recommend that you avoid planting tall plants around your sewer line because their roots can be strong enough to break through the pipe walls. You may find yourself in need of an emergency plumber if your underground sewer line starts to leak hazardous wastewater into your yard.
And this is just one of the many ways in which your sewer line can be damaged from the outside in. Nearby construction can aggravate the soil and shift the pipes, potentially causing them to crack. Also, the chemical content of your soil can affect plumbing, causing pipes to erode much faster.
It Wasn't Installed Correctly
A poorly installed sewer line is unlikely to last as long as expected. A poorly installed sewer line can be made of cheap materials, installed unevenly, or even installed with weak joints. This means that the sewer line can leak or break fairly easily. If you’re on the hunt for plumbing services, make sure that you invest in a plumber that offers good ratings and experience along with their low prices.

If you need an affordable plumber in Marietta, GA , look no further than Southern Phoenix Services. We provide excellent plumbing services, including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. We can determine how well your pipes are holding up and if any maintenance work can prolong their life span. We can even perform fast and easy partial replacement if your sewer line has small areas that show signs of damage. Call us today for a sewer line inspection.

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