Signs You May Need to Hire a Professional Plumber

A plumbing problem can happen at any time. You’re in the shower, and the water is slow to drain, or you notice water accumulating where it isn’t supposed to be. There are times—such as when you have guests at your home, and the sink overflows—when it can be really inconvenient.

A blocked drain or low water pressure are obvious signs that you’ll have to call a plumber. There are some plumbing problem signs that may be harder to recognize and, if left unresolved, become more expensive to repair. A plumbing problem at an inopportune moment will have you searching for a service offering affordable plumbing in Marietta, GA. Recognize these warning signs that show you’ll need a professional plumber’s services right away.

Brown Water

Brown or rust-colored water from the tap could indicate high levels of iron. The source of the discoloration might be corrosion in the plumbing pipes, and while the water may be safe to drink, you don’t want this problem to go unresolved. The course of action for this is to have a professional plumber check the issue to determine if the water main pipes need to be examined and, if necessary, replaced.

Drips and More Drips

A dripping faucet usually needs little more than tightening a connection or replacing a washer. The drips from a faucet are more than an annoyance. The gallons of water that drip out over the course of a month could cost you money in a higher water bill. If a quick fix doesn’t work, you’ll need a professional plumber to check out the source of the leak and fix the problem.

Greener Grass May Mean Trouble

You may notice a patch of your lawn that’s much greener than the rest of your yard, or a section that’s soggy or shows standing water even on dry days. These are the warning signs that there’s a potential underground water main leak or sewer line leak, and over time, it can damage your property and become expensive to fix. You’ll want a pro plumber to check that out right away.

Drainage Problems

A clogged drain often leads to calls to a 24-hour plumber because it can happen at inconvenient times. You can clear most clogged drains with a plunger, snaking tool, or liquid drain cleaner you buy at the store. There are some drainage problems, however, that are stubborn and require professional attention.
Food debris, grease, hair, and oils can line kitchen and bathroom drains and pipes over long periods of time. Eventually, the drains become obstructed to the point that do-it-yourself solutions are ineffective. A professional plumber has the tools and the training to clear the lines safely and effectively.

Loss of Pressure

There’s a problem with your plumbing when the water flow slows to a trickle or even stops. It may be a sign that there’s a leak in the water main pipes, or the pipes may be blocked by rocks, gravel, or even tree roots. This is a problem that you won’t be able to trace or fix on your own. If there’s a sudden drop in your home’s water pressure, call a professional.

Call a Pro

You don’t want home plumbing issues to go unresolved for too long. A leaking water main or a blocked drain could cause more problems if allowed to go unrepaired. If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, you don’t have to scramble to search online for ” 24-hour plumbing service near me in Marietta, GA .” Call Southern Phoenix Services today at 770-455-2700.

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