Signs Your Water Heater is Failing

Single PostWater heaters have their own ways of alerting you to problems. It isn’t just a lack of hot water that indicates your heating unit is facing issues. Water heater failures can show up in different ways and it is always important to have a professional come in and inspect your system for you. This gets you a solution quickly and keeps you safe. These are the signs you should be on the lookout for to know when your heater needs a checkup.


Odd Noises

Be aware of any unusual sounds coming from the water heater. Any pops, bands, cracks, or sounds of boiling water is alerting you that something is wrong. These noises can be caused by deterioration in the boiler, pressure buildup, or overheating.


Lack of Hot Water

If you are experiencing a lack of hot water, lukewarm water that never heats up, or hot water running out quickly, your water heater may be failing. These can point to issues regarding sediment buildup or a broken dip tube. Some problems are easier to address and can be reversed with a replacement or parts or a tank cleaning. Having a professional come look at these problems will get your system running efficiently again.



Water that looks rusty or muddy lets you know that there may be an issue with your water heater’s anode rod. The anode rod helps keep the water chemically balanced enough to prevent the tank from corroding. Oftentimes, this will give out before your tank does and rusts, causing the water to look off.

Signs of Leaking

Leaks from the tank, pipes, or around the unit are problems you need to address. This may be a quick fix that comes from tightening some connections or adjusting the pressure. However, it can also point to a faulty temperature/pressure-relief valve. This keeps your water heater from overheating so you will want it replaced quickly.


Leaks can also signify corrosion or cracks which means your water heater has run its course. You’ll want to replace any water heater that has a damaged tank.

Smelly Water

Strange odors are not normal. If you are starting to notice a rotten egg smell or a metallic tinge to your water, these are signs that your water heater needs attention. This could come from rusted and eroded pipes or a bacteria problem.


To address the problem, you will want to start by determining whether it is the water that’s is the issue or the water heater. Test the cold and hot water to see if you notice smells with each. If you only notice smells with hot water, then it is a water heater issues.


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